OSIA Columbus Lodge 2143 Scholarship

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For members who have been with Columbus Lodge #2143 for more than one year, the lodge will make available the opportunity to receive a scholarship for its members’ children and grandchildren who are graduating high school and seeking further education. All applications must be received by April 1st.

Awards available are as follows:

1) Excellence in Italian Language

2) High Scholastic award (85 or higher)

3) P. Vincent Landi Award - C+ to B+ (or 74-84) Cumulative Average

4) Zabbia Award - Students planning a career in health care


High School senior (Male or Female)

Be enrolled in a 2 to 4 year full-time program at a College or University

Be involved in extra-curricular activities in school and/or community service


In order to be considered for an award you must provide the following:

1. A completed application.

2. A completed Student Profile form (attached)

i. Student should complete Parts A through D

ii. Part E should be completed by the student’s Guidance Councilor

iii. Part F should be completed by the Registrar or Principal

3. An official transcript of the student’s high school record.

Note: Students should request that the transcript be included with their application after they return it to school.

4. Two letters of recommendation from individuals not related to applicant.


Completed applications, transcript, and other information must be received by Columbus Lodge Scholarship Committee no later than April 1st. School officials will advise students as to the date this information should be in their hands so that they may forward it to Columbus Lodge by the deadline.

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